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Swimming is a life-long skill that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. Our goal is to help kids and adults overcome fears, build confidence in the water, learn water safety and develop skills that last a lifetime.  Among its many benefits, swimming teaches life lessons of sport and sportsmanship. Our instructors are excited to help teach you to swim! 

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Summer Group Swim Lessons

Our group swim lessons use a progression curriculum that will put swimmers on a clear track toward their goals. We focus on creating strong swimmers through customized skill development based on age, swimming ability, level of physical development, and confidence in the water. Each swimmer will advance to the next level when the necessary skills are acquired.

Date and Time: July 1st - Aug 9th
Monday through Thursday; select swim stage below to view time slots
Session consists of 8 lessons - 45 minutes each
Participants minimum is 2, maximum is 6 per class

Registration: Member and non-member 
In-house ends July 24, 2024 
On-line ends July 24, 2024

Cost: $80 Member participant, $95 Non-member participant

Questions: Contact Kim Davis 252.438.2144


To download and print a copy of the Parent Participant Letter CLICK HERE or open tabs and read below.

General Information

We follow the Certified YMCA Swim Lesson Program and these lessons develop competency in swimming along with confidence and endurance. A child is advanced to the next level only when he /she can proficiently and safely perform the skill within his/her level. We expect children to learn and progress at their own rate. Therefore, do not be discouraged if your child does not complete all the skills within his/her level during any one session. Your child needs to know that it is acceptable to take as much time as necessary to master all the skills. We use a student centered approach to teaching swim lessons. Through guided discovery, children learn at their own pace. Guided discovery is a teaching technique that allows children to teach themselves with the help of the instructor allowing them to learn more. The Certified YMCA Swim Lesson Program has been developed to take advantage of the latest research available; making sure the program is as effective and efficient as possible. Through a regular review process and communication with aquatic experts and practitioners, we hope to keep the program current and to meet future needs.

Program Objective

In the Certified YMCA Swim Lesson Program, participants are taught not only swimming skills, but also skills that will allow them to enjoy aquatic activities throughout their lives. These include personal safety & rescue skills, as well as water sports and games. Please be aware that anyone can bring your child to swim lessons member or not.


In order to help your child gain full benefits from class, let us offer a few helpful hints: 1. Prior to your child’s lesson, remind him/her to use the restroom and to take a shower. 2. Parents are not permitted to leave the premises while his/her child is participating in swim lessons. 3. Parents are encouraged not to swim laps or free swim with other family members while their children are participating in swim lessons. This can be a distraction and can hinder the child’s ability to progress during their lesson. 4. Have your child on deck and ready for their swim lessons no more than ten minutes before their lesson. 5. Please be sure to tie back your child’s hair to keep it from getting in their face during lessons.

Health and Safety

To ensure a rewarding experience for your child, it is helpful if the instructor is aware of any medical or physical handicaps. Children with infectious diseases such as strep, chicken pox or pink eye may NOT enter the pool. Please do not bring your child to swim lessons if they are ill, have a fever, vomiting, have or have had diarrhea within the last 24 hours. Children with any open wounds will not be permitted in the water or those with poison ivy, poison sumac or poison oak.


We have an observation area for parents. You will be able to watch your child without being on deck, which helps when children are unsure of being around water. Our instructors will take good care of your child/children. If there is a problem or if a bathroom break is needed, the instructor will let you know and you will be able to meet your child at the locker room doors to assist. No parents are allowed to stay on pool deck during class.


If you have any questions or concerns about class, please communicate them with the swim instructor. If there is no time before or after class, leave a note at our Member Services desk with your name, phone number and a good time to reach you and the Instructor or a member of the Aquatics Management team will be sure to return your call and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Parents will receive communication before, during and after the session from the instructor which will cover what the children will be working on, how they are doing and what level they will be ready for in the upcoming session. There will be no make-up classes if you have to miss a class due to illness or other obligations.

Program Refund Policy

Program credit will be issued only if the YMCA cancels a program due to insufficient numbers required to conduct the class. We do not have a refund policy.

Thunder and Lightning Policy

The pool will close in the event of thunder and/or lightning and will not reopen until 30 minutes after the last evidence of either. The lifeguard will monitor the weather and will determine when we can safely reopen the pool. If inclement weather interferes with or causes a class to be canceled, the instructor will reschedule the class accordingly. If thunder and/or lightning occurs before classes begin, every effort will be made to make a decision to cancel lessons 45 minutes prior to class time and to notify participants by phone. We realize that our participants travel a good distance to come to class and we would like to save our families a trip if at all possible. We will make-up no more than two swim lessons due to inclement weather. The instructors will try to call 30 minutes before the class begins depending on the storm. The front desk always knows when class is canceled. Do not hesitate to call. The pool will not reopen unless the lifeguard says it’s ok.

The Redwoods Group, American Red Cross and National Lightning Safety Institute recommends removing swimmers from indoor pools as a lightning storm approaches and until after it passes. This protocol includes keeping swimmers out of the showers, away from telephones, and clear of metallic objects or large expanses of glass until after the storm passes. Leaving the premises is also not advised.


Swim Lesson Program Feedback


Since 1912, the YMCA has been saving lives through our extensive aquatics programming. The Henderson Family YMCA continues this legacy by offering lifeguard training, swim lessons, and other aquatics programs.