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The pool will close during inclement weather/thunder storms and remain closed for 30 minutes after the last occurrence of thunder or lightning. Our policy is to evacuate the pool area. The Redwoods Group, American Red Cross and National Lightning Safety Institute recommends removing swimmers from indoor pools as a lightning storm approaches and until after it passes. This protocol includes keeping swimmers out of the showers, away from telephones, and clear of metallic objects or large expanses of glass until after the storm passes. 

Gym Fact: Our pool is 25 yards long and has six lanes, 72 lengths or 36 laps = one mile, 2 lengths (down and back) = one lap, the water is 3ft 5in deep at each end and slopes to 5ft deep in the center, we are a saltwater pool and maintain the temperature between 82-86 degrees.

Hot Tub will CLOSE for maintenance on Wednesday's  @5:30pm.

Saw Group 1-2pm Monday-Friday (refer to schedule below)